Thursday, November 1, 2012


I long in my heart to see and to seek God in the fresh, vibrant way I did when I first blogged. There was something about that time, something new, unexplored. The world crept in, and I became self-conscious about my writing, and I left it.  But...never forgot it.

God knows the desires of my heart, even through my fumbling, inadequate attempts to talk to him about them, usually ending in tears and very little words actually being said.  He knows, and he gives.

I stepped out into the cool, early air of the porch, and my face sought the sun without conscious thought.  What I saw took my breath.  

This day, God did what God does - he revealed himself.  And for once, my eyes were willing to see.

Photography is all about light. I am in love with light, and my eyes and heart can barely contain themselves when I see beautiful light. This particular morning, God showed me more than just lovely light - once again, he showed me Jesus, glorious Jesus.

As I've learned and grown as a photographer, I've learned how to manipulate light, using it to illuminate my subject in the manner I have envisioned in my mind's eye. The very best light is big, soft light, the closer the better, light that wraps around and embraces the subject, softening harsh edges and shadows. 

Isn't that my Jesus? He is the Light of the world, the Light of MY world, and when he comes close to me, as he always is (if only I would see), enveloping me in his big, soft glow, my soul is illuminated. No shadows can remain, no darkness in the inner chambers of my heart, not when I am the subject and my Jesus is surrounding me, wrapping around me, filling me.  And like a well-lit portrait pleases the viewer, may the light of the Son reveal a subject that is pleasing to the Father.

Thank you, dear Father, that you heard my prayer, and showed yourself to me in such a sweet and precious way. You are the Faithful One, and I love you. 


nikkipolani said...

Mmmmmm. This is beautiful, Sis. Beautiful thoughts about our relationship with God. Beautiful light on your fall landscape. Beautiful.

Jennilenni said...

I love this! I think you're the way you are as a photographer (desiring to show people in their best light) b/c that's how you are with people in reality. You seek to see the best in people & bring out the best in them.