Saturday, June 23, 2012

Christmas in June...

So much has happened since I last blogged the sad news about my beloved Chrissy, and I am thanking God that it has been good stuff. My dear friends from California came in for a nearly-week-long visit, and we had loads of fun window shopping, eating, planning gardens, eating, chatting, cooking, eating...right up my alley, wouldn't you say?

And today, this came in the mail, sort of a followup gift box, I guess you'd say. We had much discussion about low carb cooking and eating, especially since 2 of my family members have been following that type of plan. The goodie box was jam packed with tons of stuff to try, as well as a huge folder of recipes to give a go. This will keep my mind and hands and mouth happily occupied for weeks.

But the most funnest (is that a word?) gift was the blue alligator for Zeus. One squeak and he knew it was his.  

Anne and Amy, much love and thanks to you for the sweet, thoughtful, and generous box of treats, and this comes from both me AND Zeus. Much love!

 psst - can you tell he's crazy about it?


nikkipolani said...

Oh, I clapped and laughed when I saw Zeus with Ali! It was sweet of you to take photos of the box contents -- in my focus to make it all fit, I forgot ;-) Y'all were a delight and I can't wait to visit with you again.

dawn said...

anne is so thoughtful.

(here's hoping that this comment sticks this time.)